TS4 Amazon Challenge Character Sheet - Details

Myrina Azonza

(Gen 1)

Adexis Dynasty


Young Adult


Created in CAS

Created in CAS

Law Enforcement - International Super Spy (10)

Myrina was brought in by Queen Vivica. The tiara she's wearing is to be worn at all times, and serves as her "badge of office". All her outfits must have the color blue on most of the outfit, as blue represents the Guardian role. Myrina was once known as Morida O'Connel. However, upon joining the Adexis Dynasty, Vivica requested she change her name.

Myrina was at work one day when a meteor was spotted in the sky. Myrina left the building and went to a nearby lot. She survived.

Myrina had to learn some potions and temporarily confiscate Astrid's wand due to her toadifying their Queen.

Skill List


level: Max


level: Max


level: Max

Martial Arts

level: Max