TS4 Amazon Challenge Character Sheet - Details

Astrid La Rouge

(Gen 1)

Banished from the Adexis Dynasty


Young Adult


Created in CAS

Created in CAS

Alchemist - Alchemy Artisan (10)

Astrid came into the clan via Roxi, after she changed her back into a human. Some time later, she became at odds with Provider Lorelei, Lorelei accused her of using her powers and planning to overthrow their Queen. Astrid didn't take these accusations lightly and lit Lorilie on fire as a threat to stay out of her business. Astrid then made herself look the hero as she put out the fire she had set on Lorelei. She stayed in the Queens good graces.

Astrid had a heated argument with the Queen. She lost control of her emotions and toadified the Queen.

The Queen kicked her out of her Dynasty and sent her away so she could learn to better control herself and her powers.

Astrid had seen the error of her ways and vowed to the Queen never to step out of line like that again. She was then accepted back into the Adexis Dynasty as their Priestess.

Skill List


level: Max

Spell Casting (hidden skill)

level: Max